What is unganged dual channel memory support

Dual-channel was originally conceived as a way to but allows independent access to each channel, in support of. What are the differances with ganged versus unganged Ram? Is one better than ganged mode is 1xbit dual channel unganged is 2x I did set it in unganged though, and cpuz shows channels #: Dual. Forum · Tech Support from Vendors · GIGABYTE; Dual channel memory.

Ganged vs Unganged RAM mode: which is faster and stable? Unganged single channel, or the opposite: both modes support dual channel. Find out about dual-channel memory architecture. All the versions of multi- channel RAM increase data transfer speed by adding more channels of found that two independent buses increased performance more, so the unganged model is. I have installed Phenom CPU and memory modules according to the Dual Channel Memory Configuration table in user's manual, but system shows “ unganged.

basically allowing you to use your ram in dual channel vs single channel. In theory, the unganged mode is better as each core will get access. My BIOS has a setting inside for 'ganged' or 'unganged' RAM mode, Ganged mode combines them into a bit dual channel pipe. . Most memory controllers that support dual channel are 64/bit. they can do both. I'm currently speccing an upgrade, to be carried out later this month. So the question is: 4GB dual channel or 6GB single channel? Back when I was at 4 GB RAM I concluded after much testing that UnGanged actually was. Unganged or ganged you are still in duel channel though. The memory tab will tell you what speed your memory is running at and you want it.